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Beginning in 2022, Dr. Huang helped to design and implement the first outpatient total joint replacement program in the Kokomo region. Community Howard Surgery Center is the first and currently only facility in the greater Kokomo region to offer true same day discharge outpatient total hip and knee replacement.

Historically, all joint replacement surgeries were performed in a hospital and patients routinely stayed several nights and days recovering from their operation.

There have been numerous advancements in total joint replacement over the last several years, but one of the biggest improvements has been our ability to control and minimize pain following these procedures. The combination of regional anesthesia (nerve blocks), injections into the joint after surgery, and multi-modal pain regimens including several different types of pain medications make these surgeries less painful than ever before, allowing a rapid recovery and the ability to perform these surgeries on an outpatient basis. Dr. Huang has researched and published several peer reviewed articles regarding these topics.

In addition, we have become better and more efficient at performing these operations with more minimally invasive techniques which allow for less pain and a faster recovery compared to historical standards.

Benefits of Outpatient Joint Replacement:

There are many benefits of outpatient same day joint replacement including:

  • Faster Recovery and Less Pain: As mentioned above, multi-modal pain regimens allow rapid recovery from these surgeries, allowing patients to conveniently recover in the safety and comfort of their own home beginning the same day of surgery
  • Cost Savings: Costs and out of pocket expenses may vary depending on insurance and copays, but overall performing surgery in an outpatient setting saves significant costs typically associated with an inpatient or overnight hospital stay.
  • Safety: Our ultimate priority is our patients safety and comfort. We have the ability to allow patients to stay overnight in our surgery center should any issues or complications arise, which allows for some peace of mind for patients considering these operations. All of our patients undergo rigorous preoperative evaluation by our medical doctors to ensure they are healthy enough to undergo these procedures and minimizing the risks of adverse events. Additionally, all patients attend a preoperative joint class where we plan and prepare for the days leading up to surgery and the weeks following the operation including your recovery and therapy. We will set up everything at this class so that everything is arranged prior to your day of surgery.

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