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Community Howard using newest knee surgery robot

Community Howard Regional Health Dr. Philip Huang has done thousands of knee surgeries over his 10-year career using the same methods that were first developed in the 1980s. That includes drilling a hole into the femur and inserting a metal rod. Simple measuring tools are used to determine where to make incisions and cuts.

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Dr. Huang was awarded the Community Howard Physician of the Year Award for 2019-2020

Dr. Huang was awarded the Community Howard Physician of the Year Award for 2019-2020. This award is presensted to the physician that goes "above and beyond" for patients and staff and is voted on by the entire hospital and employees.

Below is a youtube link to the actual award ceremony and announcement:

Community Howard Regional Health offers advancements in hip and knee joint replacement

Many people struggle each day with stiffness or pain in their hips and knees that makes even routine activities a burden. Often the pain is caused by osteoarthritis, a chronic condition that occurs when the cartridge in the joints breaks down.

The pain may be intermittent and mild at first. However, over time as the cartridge continues to break down the pain can be debilitating and greatly reduce overall quality of life.

Those with severe arthritis who live in daily pain may be candidates for joint replacement surgery.

"Many people who have been putting off surgery are surprised when they learn how far the procedure and recovery process has advanced over the years," said Dr. Philip Huang, an orthopedic surgeon practicing at Community Howard with the Community Orthopedic Specialty Care practice. "Procedures now are less invasive than in the past and artificial joints are now engineered to last longer, providing more long - term relief."

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Learn about hip, knee pain treatment

Those interested in learning more about treatment options for hip and knee pain are invited to attend Community Howard’s free hip and knee pain dinner Sept. 12.

Join Community Howard Regional Health orthopedic surgeon Philip Huang, M.D., to learn about the latest non-surgical and surgical treatment options for hip and knee pain. Community Howard’s joint care coordinator will share what to expect when having hip or knee replacement surgery at Community Howard’s Center for Joint Health.

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Joint replacement is an option for those with severe arthritis

Advancements have made the surgery one of the most of successful surgeries in the world

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Philip Huang of Community Howard Regional Health has seen people go from being wheelchair-bound for years to walking the day after a knee or hip replacement surgery.

The advancements in the procedures over the past decade have given new life to many patients who had been struggling with severe arthritis. Seeing his patients be able to walk again and get around without pain, he said, is one of his favorite parts about his job.

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